Portable Car Seats

Traveling is fun, visiting new places. It even gets more fun when you take your family along. However, when your family is too young, the challenges accompanied by travel plans can be so discouraging. You will always wonder how you’d keep your infant safe in the automobiles.
And that is why you need a portable car seat for your child.

Here are three of the top rated portable car seats for infants and toddlers.

Cosco Scenera NEXT

Cosco Scenera NEXT convertible seat is the best option for any parent who wants to go on a holiday with their toddlers. It’s relatively light compared to other portable seats, and its width is ideal for airplane installation.

It has side impact protection and five adjustable height harness slots. Cosco Scenera also has a removable cup holder, to make it easy to adjust its width when installing in a narrower space. It also makes it ideal for you if you have a larger family as you can install three seats across the back seat of your car

Britax Roundabout G4

This a seat that you’ll want to always carry on your road trips with your kids. It has no large armrests to get you clashing with other travelers on the plane. It features versa -tether to keep the seat from moving back and forth, and side-impact protection to keep your child more secure. It also has its seat-belt lock-offs for more stability.

Britax Roundabout G4 convertible seat also has LATCH connectors and a simple five-point harness. It can be installed in the front-facing mode for kids of one year and older.
This seat is streamlined for travel and weighs only 17.6lbs.

Diono Radian RTX

This is a foldable portable car seat that is ideal for both cars and airplanes. Its weight, stability, and portability places it high above other portable car seats for toddlers. Its 17″ width gives you the confidence to install it on the airplane. It can also fit three across the back seat for bigger families.

Diono Radian RTX also surpasses the United States safety standards due to its steel alloy frame that makes it very stable and the four-panel EPS foam that protects the child from all forms of impact. It is heavy, but all other features including its safety, stability, and comfort, and also its ease of storage (it’s foldable) outweighs this one disadvantage.

Portable car seats are the safest and the most economical way for parents to travel with their kids. It’ll save from lugging around and looking for bulk boosters to keep your toddler safe. Portable car seats will also save you from having to spend off the holiday budget to hire expensive portable seats for your toddler and, or your infant.



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