Baby Booster Seat

Why do you need a baby booster seat? A booster seat will raise the child high enough to fasten the lap and shoulder safety belts. If you drive a child without a booster seat, the safety belt would be too low to fit perfectly, and you will be exposing them to a substantial danger.

Here is a list to help you choose the best Baby Booster Seat, safe, easy to clean and one that suits your child.

Britax Frontier ClickTight Harness-2-Booster Seat


This a multipurpose seat that can be used a booster and in front-facing mode. It is safe, convenient and extremely comfortable for your baby. The Britax Frontier is also very easy to install due to the ClickTight capabilities. The clicking sound it makes when it rests on its required position makes it easy to be installed by anyone, and with confidence.

The seat has protective layers that surround the child protecting them from crash impact. It is made from soft and supple fabric which is easy to clean. It can support babies of up to 80 pounds of weight and a height 60 inches.

Eddie Bauer Auto Booster Seat


The main plus for this auto booster seat is its durability. It is considered the heaviest of all booster seats, weighing at around 65 pounds. But there is an advantage that comes with the weight; many parents love it because it is sturdy.

If you are a one car mother or father, this is the best booster seat for your baby, as you won’t need to switch it back and forth from one car to the other. It also has side impact protection, a cup holder, an armrest and eight points of headrests for comfort. Eddie Bauer meets all the child safety standards required by law.

Recaro Young Sport


The Recaro Young Sport consists of three classes of booster seats that accommodate between 9 and 36kg; approximately nine months and 12years old. The seat has a sporty design and features extra protection for your toddler. It is a multifunction seat, and you can remove the inner cushions to accommodate your growing child.

The new design of Recaro Young Sport has the shoulder supports, headrests and shoulder safety belts in a single unit.
The seat also has a sleeping position that you can adjust by just turning a knob.

Boosters seats help a great deal in reducing the chances of the baby getting hurt due to improper safety belt positioning.

To purchase any of the seats listed above or to search for similar types, please click on the pictures above, click the links to the right side, or click here to search other types of booster seats.

Car Seat for 2 Year Old


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